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[8]  The Chronology from Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, the Patriarchs

The bible uses a lunar calendar. In fact the biblical lunar calendar was the first calendar used by mankind - see U4. The lunar months are as follows...

Lunar Month Solar Month
Nisan March/April
Iyyar April/May 
Sivan May/June
Tammuz June/July
Ab July/August
Elul August/September
Tishri September/October
Heshvan October/November
Chislev November/December
Tebbeth December/January
Shebat January/February
Adar February/March

Here is a table of the chronology of some of the main characters, most of whom are in the maternal or paternal lines from Adam to Jesus of Matthew 1 and Luke 3. All of the dates in the table below are in Biblical Lunar Calendar (BLC) format and can be worked out from the scriptures. See U90 - U96. For more on these 3 see U506. We include this information in order for the reader to familiarise himself with these key players in our salvation. For the LW Master Chronology please see U101.

Patriarch Generations
from God
Born Died
Adam 1 4027Tishri1 BC 3993Nisan14 (sins and dies) 3097 (expires but does not die)
Eve n/a 3997Heshvan22 by baptism ??
Jared (who was Melchizedek - see I21. 2nd longest living human - 962 years) 6 3567 2605
Enoch (did not die) 7 3405 3040 transferred to heaven
Methuselah (longest living human - 969 years) 8 3340 2371
Noah (Methuselah's grandson) 10 2971 2021
Flood n/a 2371Heshvan17 flood starts 2371Chislev27 rain ends
Abraham  21 2018 1843
Isaac  22 1919Tishri 1739
Jacob  23 1858 1711
Joseph (the son of Jacob)  n/a 1768Sivan 1658
King David 34 (both lines) 1076 (1st regnal year) 1036
King Solomon 35 (paternal line only) 1036 (1st co-regnal year) 997
Nathan 35 (maternal line only)    
Joseph (the 'father' of Jesus) 75    
John the baptist non adamic 2Nisan BC 69 weeks after 29Nisan AD i.e. 30Ab AD
Jesus 76 2Heshvan21 BC 33Nisan14, 33April1, Good Friday AD
Simeon non adamic Before 2Heshvan29 BC After 2Heshvan29 BC